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Laser Eye Operations to Boost Growth of Refractive Surgery Device Market

August 27th 2012 08:23
A large part of the population comprises of aging people. Due to this reason, a lot of people opt for laser eye operations. This indicates that the demand for refractive surgery devices is increasing rapidly. At the same time, this increasing demand has led to a boost in the market for refractive surgery devices.

Latest research reveals that the value of refractive surgery devices around the globe was $667 million in 2010. Now that the industry is experiencing a boom, it is expected to rise to $805 million by 2017. This growth is mainly because of a large number of patients suffering from refractive errors. Another reason is that most people are becoming more aware of this kind of eye surgery. Awareness about this treatment has helped them find a solution to their eye health issues.

As people age with time, they may suffer from a lot of health problems. These problems consist of poor vision, hearing disability, inability to move or an entire loss of movement. Those who suffer from eye problems mostly have refractive errors. This is a common eye health issue around the whole world.

Most aging people suffer from a lot of eye problems because their eyes are weakened according to their age. This includes an entire process of eye aging, resulting in refractive errors. When you are young, the lens of your eyes arecapable enough to change their power and shape. Moreover, this enables you to focus on close objects clearly. This is done through changing the power of the lens, called accommodation.

Slowly and gradually, people lose this eye power as they age. This results in losing accommodation. Eventually, they end up wearing reading glasses, using bifocals and other types of visual aids so that they can work properly.

Myopia is a common eye health issue that is mostly suffered by Asians. Although it is a common eye disease that is known worldwide, the main sufferers of myopia are women when compared to men. Myopia is caused when a person is not able to create a match between the eye length and focusing power. This causes distant objects to look blurry. Similarly, nearby objects look clearer.

People suffering from eye problems can also suffer from farsightedness known as hyperopia. In this refractive error, patients can see distant objects clearly. However, they are unable to focus on nearby objects because they are blurry to them.

Another eye health issue that involves refractive treatment is astigmatism. Astigmatism patients suffer from this eye disease in the sense that the shape of their eye lens is distorted. This creates more than one image on their retina. This way, all objects at a distance appear blurry to them. You will also find a situation in which people have astigmatism with a combination of either hyperopia or myopia.

People with refractive error can wear glasses or contact lenses to improve their vision. You can buy Focus dailies here: This is possible as they can bend light rays in such a manner that it complements the refractive error of the eye. On the contrary, they can also go for laser eye operations to correct such refractive errors of the eye.

As the probability of getting eye diseases is increasing day-by-day, people even from developing countries are facing the issue of refractive errors. That is why Asian countries such as, China and others aim to contribute their efforts and resources in the development of refractive surgery devices. This way, the global market of refractive surgery devices is observing a boom.
A research conducted about refractive surgeries shows that around fifty percent of refractive eye operations are conducted in the US each year.

Altogether, the process of going for an eye treatment through laser eye surgery is said to be an expensive way to deal with refractive errors. This is mainly because of the increasing cost of refractive surgery devices being used for the treatment. When a large population of aging people looks for laser eye operations to get relief from myopia and other such refractive errors, wearing contact lenses after your doctorís recommendation can be an ideal option.

Authorís Bio

The author of this article is an eye care professional. Read more articles to know how you can eliminate the need for laser eye surgery through wearing high-quality contact lenses. You can buy Focus dailies here:

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